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CREATED ENVIRONMENTS, INC. (CEI) [These words are active; left click for CEI's web site homepage.]


Although I am an artist and designer, I also am an entrepreneur and altruist. I work with others less fortunate than I have been to assist them in becoming more productive and better managed as unique human resources through strategic design for growth and development free from any bondage of self or outside impacts, better able to cope and to succeed in society at large, despite any social deviance that our culture may bestow upon my clients. After several years as a frontline government administrator, I became an independent consultant to provide professional services to chosen clients rather than to entertain never-ending volumes of unsolicited vested interest clients, requests and proposals. To serve this purpose, I established another nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation, METROPOLITAN ASSET DEVELOPMENT, INC. (MAD, INC.) to work with rehabilitated ex-offenders, recovered addicts and alcoholics and disenfranchised independent artists of all genres who seem to fall between the cracks of basic social services such as healthcare and housing assistance and vocational support services. MAD, INC. charges no service fees to clients and addresses each client on a personal one-to-one basis. Instead of providing cash to a newly freed felon, MAD, INC. provides belts, jeans and sport coats to support the job interviews and develop a sense of self-esteem in order that the job seeker does not stumble through feelings of inadequacies due to economics or wardrobe options when comparing oneself to others "from the outside..." I tested this strategy with a former Graterford prison inmate and his success against all odds spoke for itself when MAD, INC. began to participate in the Delaware Valley Criminal Justice community. Cited by the Philadelphia Prison System for my efforts, MAD, INC. remains alive and well although the former web address is not its own web site today because of the changes implemented by Microsoft with its Office Live program for small businesses. That is why you came here when you wanted to go to or to or to or - they all stack to this web address; a one-stop virtual information center for all my affairs.

Please be well and return often as I continue to develop this page and the respective web pages for my other corporate matters.

Dr. Jeffrey W. Pergament, D.D., CEO and President, CEI and Chairman of the Board, MAD, INC.